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Experience the Freedom
From The Chains Of Religious & 
Purity Culture Trauma

...And Move Toward Emotional Healing, Healthy Sexual Expression and Thrive. 

What Is Purity Culture?

At Its Core, Purity Culture Has An Obsession With Sex. Its Very Insidious And Operates Under The Guise Of Promoting 'Moral Values' And 'Virtue', While In Reality, It Can Lead To Harmful Psychological, Emotional, And Social Consequences For Individuals Who Do Not Conform To Its Rigid Standards. Purity Culture Focuses Primarily On Girls & Women's Sexual 'Purity' Until The Wedding Night. For Many, The Association of Sex Being 'Dirty' Along With Guilt & Shame, Creates A Lot Of Sexual Dysfunction And Lingers Well After The Marriage Ceremony.

Purity Culture Is All Encompassing And The Focus On Purity Isn't Just About Sex; It Seeps Into Other Aspects Of Life, Influencing How We View Ourselves And Others. It Contributes To Rape Culture By Blaming Victims And Excusing Perpetrators, Perpetuates Harmful Body Image Ideals Through Diet Culture, And Polices Personal Choices, Stifling Individual Autonomy And Expression.

Most People Like To Define Purity Culture As A Recent Phenomenon Beginning In The 1990'S Generally Pushed By White Christian Evangelicals. In Reality, Purity Culture Is Giving A Name To Something Women Of Many Religious Backgrounds Have Experienced For Centuries. High Controlled Religions Have Been Obsessed With Girls & Women's Sexual "Purity". In Broad Terms, Purity Culture Places A Strong Emphasis On Abstinence Before Marriage, Modesty In Dress And Behavior And Adherence To Traditional Gender Roles.

With This Acknowledgement, Millions Of Women In Most Religions Have Been Harmed. The Fallout Continues To Hurt Millions More.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing?
The Divorced Virgin Project
is a comprehensive program dedicated to guiding you through the transformative process of religious & purity culture deconstruction and integration.

Comprised by dedicated psychotherapists and specialists, including divorce coaches, financial advisors, and sex educators, our program provides a safe and supportive space for individuals navigating the complexities of leaving behind high-control religions.

Join us as we delve into forbidden ideas and explore new paths to healing and empowerment. Hear from courageous women who have walked similar paths, sharing their stories and insights to inspire and guide you along your own journey.

In our inclusive and non-judgmental community, we explore a diverse range of topics, from atheism, progressive Christianity, spirituality to crystals and witchcraft and others, offering you the freedom to explore what resonates with you.

Our mission is simple: to support you in breaking free from the cycle of re-traumatization induced by purity culture and religious trauma. With over 75+ thoughtful interviews included in your membership, you'll gain access to a wealth of valuable insights and resources to support you on your journey.

Invest in yourself and your healing today with The Divorced Virgin Project. Join us and discover the freedom to live authentically and embrace your true self.

Experience The Freedom From The Chains Of Religious And Purity Culture Traumas

...And Move Toward Emotional Healing, Healthy Sexual Expression And Thrive.

To learn more about
The Divorced Virgin Project, you are first invited to receive meaningful & powerful message from apologetic pastors and former pastors about spreading the damaging message of purity culture.

The Divorced Virgin Project includes

Here is no other program like this. Oftentimes, in religious and purity culture deconstruction, we are retraumatized with constant reminders and bombardment of our pain and become stuck and are unable to heal. The Divorced Virgin Project works with different professionals to assist in moving us forward in many different capacities. Acknowledging that purity culture has affected us different ways, there is myriad of people to assist us in healing.

There is no other program like this. For the price of ONE psychotherapy visit, you have access to weekly psychotherapists with specialities ranging in religious, spiritual, rapture, narcissistic, domestic and other trauma, as well as access to many different healing modalities, sex educators and myriad of education in helpful topics. 

Oftentimes, in religious and purity culture deconstruction, we are re-traumatized with constant reminders and bombardment of our pain, become stuck and are unable to heal. The Divorced Virgin Project works with myriad of professionals to assist in moving us forward in many different capacities. Acknowledging that purity culture has affected us different ways, there is plethora of people to assist us in healing from purity culture.

  • Several specialized psychologists including for religious, spiritual, rapture, narcissistic & domestic abuse & trauma.
  • ​Professionals of different healing modalities beyond talk therapy to assist in the healing process.
  • ​Several sex educators to give us perspective and help us take back our power.
  • ​Lifetime Membership with 5 interviews released every week for the first 12 weeks
  • ​Access to all current and future interviews for life (with Quarterly Logins).
  • ​and so much more…



If you're not entirely satisfied with your membership within 30 days.
Let us know, and we'll refund your investment.

Embrace Transformation Through Religious Deconstruction, Integration & Healing

Please Watch This Meaningful Message From Apologetic Pastors And Former Pastors About Spreading The Damaging Message Of Purity Culture

What People Say About
The Divorced Virgin Project

What people say about
The divorced virgin project

Kari Fillian, LICSW

Kim Honeycutt, MSW

Lucy Rowett, Sexologist

This conversation was very special and important. Mindy has an amazing project with many speakers and resources.


So grateful to have been a part of this important work. @thedivorcedvirginproject is lighting the path for so many humans breaking free from religious captivity!!


This is such an important project!
Purity culture survivors, unite!


Such an hour to be a part of this project!! Check out @thedivorcedvirginproject


I was lucky enough to have two fun-filled convos with @thedivorcedvirginproject - so excited this is coming out!


about mindy

​I Was A Literal Divorced Virgin- In The Classical Sense

As many other fundamental evangelicals, I was raised in an environment steeped in religious indoctrination. From being homeschooled K-12 to attending various fundamentalist churches, immersing myself in influential works like Frank Peretti's books, The Left Behind Series, and Josh Harris' 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye', the narrative was clear: combining all the avenues of indoctrination, the message I received loud and clear was premarital sex equaled an eternity in fiery hell with torture and anguish forever and ever. This fear persisted beyond my wedding night and, because I couldn't turn off the several years of indoctrination in an instant like a light switch, I remained a virgin throughout my marriage.

Purity culture cast its shadow differently on each of us, particularly pressuring girls and women to preserve their purity for their future husbands. We were generally taught to be submissive, obedient, and expected to bear children (preferably lots of them) with the promise that abstaining until marriage

would lead to a 'blessed and favored' life by god.

This culture robbed us of our bodily autonomy, instilling guilt and shame for natural human desires and exploration of our identities and sexuality. Many women, unwittingly consented to marriage and discovered that their bodies were not their own. Their bodies were subject to be accessed at any time without consent by their husbands. This unspoken commitment to never question, never say no, and conform to the mold of a "good wife" felt like a life sentence. Looking back, as The Divorced Virgin I consider myself fortunate as I escaped that world without being violated and forced to have children.

The struggle extended beyond fear of eternal damnation and rapture teachings, weaving a narrative that discouraged self-trust. I felt isolated and broken, wondering why seemingly no one questioned these beliefs. It was a time, over two decades ago, when the internet was just starting to connect people and not many people had any idea of these toxic belief systems people lived under. Purity culture and its stifling doctrines scarred countless individuals, leaving deep wounds in their relationships with sex and their own bodies.

The Divorced Virgin Project, after years of reflection and healing, is my way of helping others break free. It's a comprehensive journey of healing and empowerment, fostering conversations that demand attention. I extend an invitation to join me on this transformative journey. Together, let's shatter the chains of purity culture and create a space where healing, understanding, and personal growth can flourish.


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